On September 10 to 12, the 12th international BBS on social security held in oita university, Japan, the theme of "population, family change and social security".From China, Japan, South Korea close to universities and research institutions of more than 120 experts and scholars attended the BBS., a professor at the school, China's social security institute, vice President of Shen Shuguang attended the meeting, and on behalf of the Chinese scholar entitled "China's population, family change and the challenges facing social security" theme of the report.Professor She Shuguang also presided over the health care BBS.

Professor Shen in the report pointed out that the change of social demand determines the change of the social security system, China's current population quantity, structure, and as a result of the change of family structure has the social security system is facing enormous challenges, and will eventually promote the further adjustment and development of the social security system.He pointed out that an aging population, family miniaturization, endowment ideas change is the 3 big features of China's population and family structure change, and the three changes a challenge to the social security system is comprehensive, including pension insurance fund balance under increasing pressure, the medical service demand increased significantly, endowment service supply shortages, pension institutions development structural adjustment, and great care demand, etc.He also pointed out that the challenges of population and family structure change, we must strengthen the top-level design, the construction of an ageing population response system as soon as possible, mainly including perfecting the endowment insurance system, set up the long-term care insurance system, develop the pension services, actively promoting the construction of health management and health in China.